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Offering Details Every business, small and large, needs to maintain a blog to increase online visibility. For $25 per 500-word post, I will write one blog post each week for your company's blog. Each post will include 2 quality outbound links and 1 internal link.
Credentials I have ghostwritten ongoing blogs in subjects ranging from property management and real estate to fashion and health.
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. I will need any specific requirements you may have, such as keywords and target audience, as well as your website's URL if you want me to include internal links in each post. I can even publish each post for you if you give me the necessary information to do so.
Extras The following optional add-ons are offered by the Writer for an additional cost. Some Extras may alter delivery timelines. Additional time requirements are listed beneath Extra price.
Specialized, 750 words
Extra Link - $5.00 per link