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Offering Details My clients ask me this question a lot: Can you help me to promote a blog post on social media?

My answer is always, "Sure! But you have to pay extra."

As time goes on, I realize that many of my clients need help promoting their blog posts across social media platforms. Because my content writing business is all about assisting clients to gain traffic and brand visibility, I decided to create this content marketing package so you can enjoy a premium SEO content and great social media content in a single order.

When you order this offering, you will get:

• A well-researched, engaging SEO blog post (450-600 words)
• 3 Tweets
• 2 Facebook Posts
• 2 LinkedIn Posts

Still have question? Look up ReadtoPonder on the CR writer directory and send me a private message. I will have all your questions/concerns answered in 24 hours or less.
Credentials I am the founder and owner of My Content Hopper, a premium content marketing company that seeks to help brands to excel and shine. I have been with CR since 2014 and am one of the top-rated writers on here. I specialize in producing relevant and quality content in niches such as:

• Construction/Home Improvement
• Education/Career
• Health/Fitness
• Business Management
• Health/Fitness
• Legal/Insurance
• Digital Marketing/Social Media
• Blogging/SEO

And much, much more!

I have a Master Degree in Linguistics and am a NALA certified Paralegal. Since starting my journey as a content writer/copywriter, I have successfully delivered 500+ high-quality, original content across the web.
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. Please message me with your content need by answering the following questions:

1. Topic
2. Length (450-600 words)
3. Deadline
4. Keywords
5. Other instructions

Optional: Kindly provide the website this post will go to so I could also do some internal linking for you!
Extras The following optional add-ons are offered by the Writer for an additional cost. Some Extras may alter delivery timelines. Additional time requirements are listed beneath Extra price.
Need a Longer Post for SEO Purposes? Here it is (+150 words)
$10 +3 days