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Offering Details I provide content for those clients who require a quality-written article on health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle topics. Article lengths are in the 500-word range.

I specialize in taking complex medical studies and converting them into everyday-speak. I understand and employ the philosophies of both the Buyer's Journey and the Buyer Persona with an emphasis of creating content at specific levels of the Buyer's Journey.

If you are looking for 500-word blogs or articles on health-related topics, I am available.
Credentials 30+ years in the medical field.
10+ years writing content for businesses
BS in Business Administration with a minor in marketing.
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. A list of keywords - if needed. A title or idea from which to form content. A little information about who your buyer is and what you'd like the content to do.
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