How to Navigate the First Half of the Order Form (Chapter 2 of 6)

Welcome to our chapter on navigating the Order Form (if you want to browse through all chapters, you can go here). We'll go step-by-step, ensuring that by the end, you'll be able to send clear, focused article instructions to a Writer using the Content Runner system. This chapter will deal with the first part of the Order Form: Project Details and Pricing.

Order Form

Let's look at the details of uploading your order.

  • Purpose

    This is just what it sounds like: what is your order intended for? You can choose between Articles, Guest Posts, Blog Posts, Press Releases, White Paper, Product Descriptions, or Other.

  • Target Due Date

    You can choose between 1, 2, 4, 7, or 14 days for this. Keep in mind that the clock starts ticking once a Writer accepts or takes your assignment; if you send back revisions, the Writer will have an extra 2 days to complete your requests. Plan ahead and order your content accordingly.

  • Style Guide

    You can create a Style Guide for your Writers to follow when completing your order. This must be done in your Settings, but it can be helpful to give a Writer specific directions on how you want your content formatted.

  • Project Notes

    These notes are for your eyes only. They're a good way to organize your various orders; for instance, if you're uploading 10 blog posts about Health & Fitness, you can title your order something like "Health & Fitness Posts – 7/1/15" to help you keep track of what is due and when.

  • nTopic Required

    Checking this box allows you to set a minimum nTopic content relevancy score for the keywords you choose. You can learn more about nTopic here.

  • Enable Copyscape

    Content Runner uses Copyscape to check for originality. This is checked by default, but you can disable it if you are ordering a rewrite of existing published content, or any other sort of content which might legitimitely reuse enough pieces to fail an originality check.

  • Attachment

    This is an optional addition. If you have additional materials that the Writer will need to complete the work (e.g. a Word Document with background information), you can attach it here. Any attachments will apply to the entire order, so they will be made available to all Writers who are working on any part of the order.

Now that you've begun to tailor your order to your specifications, click "Next" to get started providing the specifics for your order. Don't worry, nothing's finalized yet.

Price Calculator

We've implemented a handy price suggestion system to help you decide how to price your order. Sometimes, it can be hard to decide just how much to post an order for; depending on the effort involved on the Writer's part, it can be more or less.

  • Word Count

    Input your desired word count range here.

  • Suggested Pricing

    This is a general spectrum based on other similar orders placed on Content Runner. Depending on how much work is involved with your content creation, this can be more or less.

  • Price Per Word

    Take a look at the Suggested Pricing bar, and consider what the Writer will do when completing your order. Are your prompts fairly direct, or will the Writer provide much of the thought leadership? Depending on where you fall on the spectrum, you can choose a Price Per Word accordingly.

  • Price Per Article

    This will generate a suggested price based on your Word Count and Price Per Word choices.

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