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Offering Details Do you need fresh content for your website, blog or newsletter? Do you enjoy tip based articles that cite research studies? Readers enjoy learning useful information and tend to trust you when you use authoritative sources.

I love creating content in a way that is easy for a busy person to read or skim. I also write SEO friendly content that is also reader-friendly. I use subheadings, white space, and lists to visually break up the text. If you have your own images, video or infographics I will write captions or introductory text to integrate them into the article.

This offering is for light to moderate research including sourcing mainstream websites, your existing content, or an interview with a member of your team. I have another "offering" for when the research involves scientific or academic sources.

My primary niches include health, fitness, beauty, pop-psychology, communications, social media and marketing. I am open to other niches.
Credentials I have over five years of experience as a fitness and lifestyle blogger. My content typically includes tutorials and tips on using fitness technology, information to sort through fitness and nutrition trends, and other practical content. I am HubSpot Inbound certified, so I have a big picture understanding of content marketing.
Required from You The Writer requires the following details from you to complete this order. Before I get started, I will need some specifics about your site and your needs. Do you have a certain topic in mind? Sometimes clients have an infographic or video content they want to integrate into the article.

If you are an expert who wants to include a little of your insight into the article, we should set up a content interview for a small fee.

Are you at a loss for topics? That is fine too, get in touch, and we can brainstorm ideas.
Extras The following optional add-ons are offered by the Writer for an additional cost. Some Extras may alter delivery timelines. Additional time requirements are listed beneath Extra price.
Content interview with you or a member of your team
$10 +2 days
Image sourcing from free stock photography sites or your own (up to two images)
If you are at a loss for topics, I can perform keyword research and generate some ideas
$10 +2 days
Extra words & research to create a 1000 - 1200 word post or article
$20 +2 days
Social media package (no images): I will write up to three short social media posts for you to use to promote the article
$6 +1 days
Social media package (with images): I will create three social media posts with optimized images (your own or free stock images) for you to use to promote the article
$12 +1 days