Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

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Offering Details This article or blog post would be perfect as part of a personal finance series on consumer credit management.

This article will:

- define consumer debt and provide an overview of good consumer debt versus bad consumer debt;
- explain how good debt is advantageous and how bad debt negatively affects the consumer; and
- explain how consumers obtain and maintain good debt and how to resolve and avoid bad debt.

Requests for slight alterations to what the article will cover are welcome, provided that the spirit of the article will remain the same as what is set forth in this offering.

“Good Debt vs. Bad Debt” (or a similar title of client's choosing) will be written within approximately 1,000 - 1,200 words. The piece will speak naturally while staying relevant and keyword-dense.

As with every article I write, all content will be unique and original.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions regarding this offering.
Credentials Reading about and studying personal finance is a hobby I've loved for years. ... sounds about as exciting as being a writer, right? I truly do enjoy studying personal finance though, and I love the challenge of writing a masterpiece for my clients. Combining the two is something I would do for free, if I could!

I believe my interest in personal finance comes from our family's efforts to make my son aware of how to wisely manage his finances from an early age, as well as my strong desire to provide the best upbringing I could for him being a single parent. So far, he's a very fiscally responsible teenager, so something must be working!
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