Are All Car Washes the Same?

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Offering Details This offering is for a blog post entitled, "Are All Car Washes the Same?". The post will consist of 500 - 800 words.

The article will briefly explain the differences between different types of soft cloth and touch-free automatic car washes and their advantages. The intended audience will be the members of the general public in the United States who use automatic car washes.

As always, all content will be 100% unique. Language will be natural and free-flowing while incorporating keyword-dense content and relevant phrases, as ranked by Google.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!

Credentials I live with and know well car wash managers and car wash owners. I am educated on car washes nearly every single day. :)

I haven't yet actually written any car wash articles. This would be my first.

Please see my Content Runner profile for writing samples, or please contact me to request them.
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I also usually like to know what type of business you or your client has, so that I may construct and direct my writing in a way that most helps clients achieve their blog post goals.
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Your next great automatic car wash blog post idea!
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