Explaining Article Status and Take Limits (Chapter 3 of 5)

Welcome back! In the last chapter we went over all the different order types available on Content Runner. This time we'll touch on each Article Status and your take limit.

Article Status

Every article in Content Runner has a status. Before an article is picked up by a Writer, it is "Open," and after a Writer has accepted it the article gets labeled "Writing in Process." When you've submitted your article to the User, that article is in "Submitted for Review" status, and if they return it for revisions it will be "Returned for Revision." After the User accepts it, the article will be marked "Complete." The status of an article is a quick way to see where it is in the writing process and if it needs your attention. If an article has been "Submitted for Review" for seven days, Content Runner will accept it automatically on behalf of the User—this ensures that our Writers will always be paid for their hard work.

Take Limits

When you sign up, the number of articles you can work on at once will be limited—this is called your take limit. All new Writers have a take limit of one by default. Take limits are based upon the article status of assignments you're working on: any article that isn't "Complete" counts toward your take limit. This includes articles that are "Writing in Process," "Submitted for Review," and "Returned for Revision."

Your take limit is determined by the Users you work with: each User can control how many of their articles they'd like to allow you to work on at a time. As you build relationships with individual Users, they may decide to raise your take limit and allow you to work on multiple articles at once. If you think you can handle more work, feel free to reach out and send a polite message to the Users with whom you frequently work requesting a higher take limit.

In the next chapter we'll go over how to fill out your Writer Profile and take care of some tax-related housekeeping. In the mean time, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to give us a shout at support@contentrunner.com. You can also:

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