Filling Out Your Writer Profile (Chapter 4 of 5)

In the last chapter we went over Article Statuses and take limits. This time we'll go over how to fill in all the bits of your Writer Profile you might have skipped over when you first signed up, and filling out your W-9.

What's On Your Writer Profile

Your Writer Profile is the public face you present to the Users who use Content Runner. To be included in the Writer Directory and most visible to Users, you'll need to upload a professional, personal profile picture of yourself. Stock photos, business logos, or illustrations tend to turn Users off, so only profiles with personal photos of themselves will be included in the Writer Directory.

Your profile is where Content Runner displays your Writer Statistics, like how frequently your articles require revisions and how frequently you do not complete or drop an article, as well as your overall rating and how many User reviews it's based upon. In addition to the information Content Runner gathers and presents, there's plenty of space for you to include details about yourself.

Write a Short Biography

The most important element of your Writer Profile is your Biography. This is the space for your personal statement about who you are, why you're writing with Content Runner, your experience and special areas of expertise. It goes without saying that everything on your Writer Profile should be spelled correctly and flawlessly grammatical, but this section in particular should be polished and professional.

List Your Accomplishments

Under your Biography is room to list your educational background, any certifications you've earned, your CV, and a link to your blog, if you have one. If you'd like to connect your profile to your LinkedIn account so that Users can connect with you there, you're more than welcome to. Below that is space to list the niches you're comfortable writing in. If you're not sure which niches to list, don't worry—as you write articles, Content Runner will automatically list their niches here.

Include a Stellar Writing Sample

Below that is a space for your Writing Sample. While you're by no means required to include one, an excellent writing sample is a great way to impress Users who may be interested in working with you. Your writing sample, along with your Biography, are opportunities to let your winning personality shine through, so writing about something you're passionate about is a great idea. Keep in mind that it is against Content Runner's Terms of Use to use an article or blog post you submitted to a User as your writing sample. The content you put here can be on any subject, but it must be original and not written through Content Runner.

Tax Information

All Writers must fill out a W-9 tax form and submit it to Content Runner. Once you reach $500 in earnings for the year, you will no longer be permitted to work unless we have your W-9 on file. If you haven't already, find the W-9 Tax Form section on your Account page and fill out the information requested. Once you have you can download a PDF of the form populated with that information, print it out and sign and date it before uploading.

In the next chapter we'll go over dropping articles, what happens when articles go overdue, and how Content Runner handles multiple dropped or overdue articles. In the mean time, if you have any questions or comments feel free to give us a shout at You can also:

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