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  • Check out our new User tutorial
  • Start small, then grow large – get the ball rolling with smaller content projects to build a reputation and to establish connections with Writers; don’t start off with a $1,000 project.
  • Create well thought out topics, clearly articulate your instructions and include a style guide with each project, read here for more guidance.
  • Don’t be afraid to read the manual and if you get stuck shoot us an email at
  • Build, develop and nurture relationships with your favorite Writers.

Follow These Steps…But Only if You Want High Quality Content

  • If you aren’t getting what you need change up your approach, we have some great tips on how to handle writer relationships, read up and get the quality you want!
  • Review the Writer Directory to find Writers who appear to be suited to the task at-hand and communicate with them directly.
  • Elaborate on your requirements. Writers may not fully understand what you are asking them to produce. Clarifying or expanding on your requirements may help Writers visualize a path to creating the content and reduce their risk of editorial re-work.
  • Consider adding flexibility to your time-frame or other variables. A more flexible request often results in a larger pool of Writer candidates.
  • Increase the rate you are willing to pay to attract higher caliber Writers. Peruse the other advertisements to ensure you are offering competitive rates.
  • Ask for referrals from Users and Writers that you respect. Good writing doesn't go unnoticed, and referrals may generate a great resource.

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